Sustainability is not a choice

Sustainability is not a choice

Sustainability is not a choice

Sustainability is not a choice


Sustainability is not a choice

This is a story about something that I as a designer value by heart. It's time to talk sustainability.

In 2020, our modern society changed radically due to a worldwide pandemic.

We could easily describe it as the biggest crisis since WW2. Travel bans, multiple curfews and not to mention the number of sick people who unfortunately didn’t survive the situation.‍

While it’s easy to blame one specific country, group, or organization, we all have a responsibility and play a role in the current state of the world. Together we form a group of creatures that literally define the state of the world.  

A turning point

It is time for a wake-up call, a turning point. We should grab the pandemic as an opportunity to do the things we do radically differently. If we continue our current path, even worse things will happen. There is a climate crisis we have to deal with, an economy that is unstable and our resources become more and more scarce. I think money is the determining role of it all. Think about it… money.. Something that was entirely made up by humans. It has no actual value. 


Sustainability is a word that seems to cope with some abuse. More and more companies use it as a marketing tool to sell their products. However, when you look into the definition, it is exactly what we need. If we want to maintain balance in everything we do, then we need to be more sustainable. Only then can we keep ourselves and the planet healthy. Therefore we need to understand the impact of our behaviour and adapt whenever necessary. 

Be the change

If change is what we want, then we need to rethink our supply chain, the way we consume food, how we use products, and invest in materials that won’t harm our planet. Of course, this can't be done in just a few weeks or months. However, the time is ticking. Every individual should start now and consider sustainability in everything you do. Analyze your behaviour, is there a way for you to become more responsible?

There are always options: Use different materials in the products you make, reduce your meat consumption and use public transport or a different type of sustainable mobility instead. 

Sustainable products

As a designer, it is my responsibility to try and be sustainable. Whether it’s a product or digital design, you should always consider the environmental impact of your work. For instance, I love to use sustainable materials like plastics made from corn or sugar cane in the products I make. Instead of overproducing, I prefer to produce on-demand or in a batch. See the Crafted with Care collection.

When it comes to digital design, you can think about the specific work you do. Which clients do you work for? Do they care about our planet, is their idea sustainable? This will add great value to our planet and everyone around you. And do you know what makes it even better? You will feel more fulfilled. 🌎