Crafted with Care

Crafted with Care

Crafted with Care

Crafted with Care

Crafted with Care

Extending the life of materials, by reusing them in sustainable consumer products using additive manufacturing methods.

Problem Definition

The world is changing. Global warming and pollution have never been more relevant than today. Humanity has caused this problem and as a result, it now threatens nature, animals, and future generations. We need to start producing our products and materials in a responsible, sustainable, and circular way. In this project, my challenge was to rethink our supply chain and find systems to produce products with less waste and instead use sustainable materials.

Solution & result

Crafted with Care is a collection of sustainable products. They are designed and built using additive manufacturing methods like 3D-Printing in combination with sustainable and recycled materials. By using 3D-Printing as a production method, products can be produced on demand without the need for mass production that creates leftover materials. By using biodegradable plastics like corn, cassava, and sugarcane, we prevent pollution that occurs when the materials are thrown away by the user. It will simply dissolve because of their natural properties.

Creation & Ideation

Several products were carefully designed to accompany the possibilities with 3D-printing. I wanted to create something that feels comforting, minimalistic and natural. Something that looks different, but not out of place.

A total of three products were created and being sold online through a webshop. An incense holder, planter and table light. Some of these include variants and are available in different colors and materials. All of them, of course, sustainable and/or made from reycled materials. One of the table lights, for instance, was made from recycled refrigerators.


The products are designed in Fusion360. Rather than 3D printing everything, some materials are molded to keep costs and time relatively low.

The entire experience from front to end feels personal and handmade. While it is perfectly possible to increase the production rate using 3D-printing farms, I decided to keep it personal and therefore did everything myself. This also includes the packaging. The products ship in a cardboard box filled with sustainable plastic protection bags that are also home-compostable. Finally, a personal note has been added to make the experience even more personal.

Where to buy

For a while, the Crafted with Care collection was available through my webshop. They are currently sold out, but if you are still interested in one or more products, feel free to send me a message and it will be produced on request.