Share a Coffee

Share a Coffee

Share a Coffee

Share a Coffee

Share a Coffee

Promoting different types of coffee by creating a community-based mobile platform where people can share their variations.

Problem Definition

For many of us, coffee is part of our daily routine. Espressos keep us focused at the office, and the latte macchiatos help us relax at home.

Due to its long-standing popularity, many different types and flavours have been invented. Check out Starbucks and you will find a maze of variations to choose from. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a place to easily find new variations and learn how to make them?

Solution & result

In this project, I designed a brand, platform and community where everyone can share their own coffee recipes with the rest of the world.

Meet Baristö. A brand for the coffee maniac. Baristö is all about showcasing and sharing exotic coffees. From the standard espressos to fancy Dagonas.

Baristö is a community-based platform where everyone can add their creations. From thoughtful recipes designed by specialists to accidental discoveries invented by amateurs. Everything is possible. There is an additional option for cafes to share and promote their specialty drinks as verified sponsored products.

Sense of Warmth

The Baristö brand is recognisable ands feel comfy to the audience. Warm colours and rounded corners match that feeling we have when we enter a café.

The interface is designed around exploration and content discovery. As a user you are in front of a digital shop window. Filters help you find the right products. Your favourite recipes can be saved and shared with family and friends.

How it works

Adding coffee to Baristö is very easy. Think of a catchy name, take a nice picture, and describe the recipe and its ingredients. Voila, your coffee is now ready to travel the world. Other users can favorite your creation or share them on various social media platforms and messaging apps. On Baristö you will have a rank. More creations and favorites from other users will improve your rank. This will communicate to the other user how qualified you are as a barista.